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Now the party can begin! YVESANBO Enterprises, Inc. is all about keeping you updated on the latest in self-discovery and business acumen. Our online publications put you face-to-face with the things you actually want to know, like personal and professional development, marketing and branding, and even spiritual living. We give you a holistic take on being a successful business owner, and want to give you all you need to know to be as well-rounded as we are.

So while you’re marketing savvy, you can still meditate like a yogi.

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The Targeted Conversation

The Targeted Conversation is about how to brand and act like a BIG business in your niche market. You can not only survive but thrive doing what you love!

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Life in Quotes is about living life fully. Be inspired by stories, life lessons, quotes and more.

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i heart life Podcast on iTunes

The weekly podcast show, i heart life: The How-To of Spiritual Living, hosted by editor, Yvette Bowlin, offers practical tools for spiritual living and enlightenment.

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